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book-enDuring the past couple of years the desire grew in my heart to summarize my knowledge on broilers. I like to train people, and illustrate the knowledge what I want to transfer. With the introduction of digital technology a couple of years ago taking technical images became incredibly easy. I was always interested in photographing different disease symptoms, pathological signs of poultry. First I issued photoalbums for vets and chicken producers, which soon became popular. The next obvious step was to write a book on the most important diseases. So the “Practical Guide to Broiler Health Management” has been born.

This book intends to give a practical guide to help recognize the most important broiler diseases and find solutions for them. I have tried in this book to collect the ideas which I believe are helpful for those working in the broiler industry. I have tried to limit the amount of information presented in order to provide a handy, practical guide. I am sure that some other scientific books may give more detail. It is my intention to provide short summaries of the most important aspects, with many illustrations. The reader can then consult this book whilst on the farm, and find some ideas about possible reasons and solutions. I try to give some practical hints and tips on differential diagnosis. My concept is mainly based on the correct monitoring, and the need to keep looking at the “big picture”.

In the first part of the book I will provide an overview of monitoring the health of broilers based on opinions and views I have collected. Essential chapters will deal with management factors which I believe are important in the development of disease. The second part of the book deals with the broiler diseases. I group the diseases by the most important organs where the typical signs will be found. This will aid the reader in identification of the disease. I will concentrate on the most common and important diseases. I have not included some diseases, which have only a theoretical importance. Where possible I have included my own photos or those provided by some kind friends to illustrate the disease.

This book has been compiled for veterinarians working on broiler and breeder farms, consultants, agricultural technicians/engineers involved in the poultry industry, students, slaughterhouse and feedmill technicians. It is hoped that they might find this book interesting and useful in their daily work. I wish to give them a practical guide, covering the most important broiler diseases from a wide and practical aspect.

The structure of the book

01 Introduction

02 General disease recognition and animal health management

01 History
02 Health monitoring
03 Necropsy
04 Mortality curves
05 Service period
06 Biosecurity
07 Feed management
08 Drinking water management
09 Ventilation
10 Litter management
11 Chicken uniformity
12 Stress factors
13 Thinning
14 The role of serology
15 Epidemiology

03 Respiratory diseases

01 Avian Influenza
02 Avian Pneumovirus
03 Aspergillosis
04 Colibacillosis
05 Coryza
06 Infectious Laryngotracheitis
07 Infectious Bronchitis
08 Mycoplasmosis
09 Newcastle Disease
10 Ornithobacterium Rhinotracheale
11 Pasteurellosis

04 Enteric diseases

01 Adenovirus Associated Lymphoid Infiltration
02 Candidiasis
03 Coccidiosis
04 Malabsorption syndrome
05 Necrotic Enteritis
06 Fowl typhoid – Pullorum disease

05 Metabolic disorders

01 Ascites
02 Sudden Death Syndrome
03 Uricosis

06 Diseases of the immune system

01 Gumboro Disease
02 Chicken Anaemia Virus
03 Mycotoxins

07 Diseases of the locomotory system

01 Foot pad dermatitis
02 Tibial Dyschondroplasia

08 Diseases of the nervous system

01 Avian Encephalomyelitis

09 Neoplastic diseases

01 Marek’s Disease


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