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In my Ethos, no opinion is absolutely right nor absolutely wrong. Also there is no absolute good nor absolute bad advice. Each poultry operation differs based upon its microbiological and epidemiological situation, management style and technological set-up. What works well in one place, might not be so effective in another. Experience is important, but that does not mean that they are equally valid all over the world. In addition, there is probably no ultimate authority on some specific issues.

When you start working with me, you will find out that my advice is not the view point of a single person, but a culmination of opinions and experience of all those hundreds of scientists and field people, whom I have met and worked with in the poultry industry over the past three decades. In many cases, simple and logical ideas are usually more effective than complex approaches.

It is short-sighted to believe that most problems can be solved by applying a single “wonder solution”. I go beyond simply providing veterinary guidance. I also advise you on management, nutrition and biosecurity, as I recognise that it is important to harmonize improvements in management systems for instance with changes in the vaccination or prevention programs.

In addition, I do not simply provide you with some one-off advice and then abandon you when it comes to implementation and evaluation of the outcomes. Monitoring management aspects, checking the results of veterinary work by laboratory methods, interpretation of the results, and ongoing advice for the continued improvement of your business, are all essential parts of my comprehensive package of services. I also give you guidelines on how to follow certain checklists, and the important but hidden relationships between management and health.

Long-term approaches might not immediately bring all the desired effects. There are cases when time is needed until a new prevention program, or improved management process bears fruit. Running a poultry operation is similar to directing a ship on the vast ocean, and requires a co-ordinated approach to reach its target. It is not like driving a car, where simply pressing the gas will enable you to speed up.

Today’s poultry industry has changed significantly over the past few decades. It used to be the case that diseases had a single cause, so the problem could be easily solved by eliminating that particular agent. These days, more and more new syndromes are emerging, or old diseases are re-appearing in sub-clinical or changed forms. It is not sufficient to recognize one single causative agent, even if at first glance, it appears to be the most obvious. Investigations on the poultry operation must be meticulous, follow a systematic approach, so reducing the likelihood that some important aspects are missed.

When you start working with me, you will see, that it is possible to produce healthy poultry which brings you profitability in the long run.

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